University of York: introduce a safety net for third years.

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University of York third year students are being faced with multiple hindrances to their university experience. Decline in teaching standards, lack of good internet connection, small or no study space in private halls, or maybe even have travelled home and now face a lack of on campus resources.

We are proposing a safety net score system should be put in place for the upcoming January exams and assessments of third year students. They have two years worth of grades to be considered, and the technology developed from the summer in order to calculate their grades. There should be a safety net system in place for third year students who are not receiving up to standard teaching and university experiences. 

We understand that this proposal may exclude second and first year students. We understand that the development of a safety net system appropriate for second years (who have no official grades from the university, due to continuing on with compensated passes this summer) is causing delays. This is why we are proposing an open forum, where you can discuss any potential ideas you might have on how there could be a safety net system for second year students. There are 20,000 students at this university, and collectively we can come up with a solution - be the change you want to see, and come to the open forum on Wednesday 2nd December at 4pm-6pm on Zoom (link to be announced on our social media close to time).