Reduction of Tuition Fee

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Compassion is ordinarily deemed the basis of all things pure. Commerciality has, however, observed a dearth in recurrent acts premised on appreciating human fragility in crisis. We, the students at the University of Windsor, find ourselves looking into a deep well of a similar apathy.

The global community is presently consumed by the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID 19). If we haven’t suffered or experienced some form of personal loss (I say so cautiously & without meaning hurt or disrespect), we’ve observed the (human & economic) infrastructure around us collapse. There has not been a need greater than what is being observed presently for regulators to observe leniency & to allow for empathy to be the only guideline observed.

The University of Windsor continues to enforce terms occurring in its tuition fee structure unabated. It has not caused any reductions; even by a small margin; during this pandemic. Most, if not all, courses are being taught online, and it is widely understood that online courses are cost effective.

The reluctance to withhold adjustments / reconsideration of the tuition fee structure is being observed despite the fact that all courses, including the Summer Semester, shall be taught online. We genuinely appreciate the concern demonstrated & efforts made by the administration in observing social protocol in the time of COVID 19. But that is not the only concern that emerges from this situation.

A certain fee continues to be levied for ‘recreational charges’, whereas it is apparent (or at least seems highly unlikely) that such (and related) services will not be available during the Summer Semester. General consensus compels us to believe that the horrors COVID 19 shall continue to haunt us for some time. The same goes for the ‘co-op fee’, since it is highly unlikely that co-op will be available for a majority of the students unless there is a medical breakthrough.

Most students are at present consumed by such (and related) concerns. Arranging tuition fee in present times may seem an insurmountable task for some. These concerns are further compounded for international students.

The global workforce has seen a reduction; if not complete suspension; in commercial activities. The ensuing consequence has shown reduction in human resource capital for most enterprises; big or small. Most attending students accumulate their tuition fee through permissible gainful employment. Most banking channels are also obstructed. It is extremely hard to remit money. The administration must pay heed to this fact. Things are no longer; in fact, may never be; the same. We cannot lose sight of the fact that we are in the midst of a global revolution.

There is an urgent need for the administration to reconsider its present modus operandi. It needs to demonstrate concern far beyond that which is seemingly ‘necessary’. I implore you to join me in making these expressions a reason for resonance of good sense.