Tuition Reduction at the University of Waterloo for Fall 2020

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The University of Waterloo refuses to lower tuition for the Fall 2020 term, despite the online delivery, and the reduced costs associated with running on-campus activities. With all the hardships Canadians are currently facing in these unprecedented times, and the diminished collective student experience during the Spring 2020 term, the University seems to be carrying on business as usual.

In addition, many University services have increased in price since our previous terms (e.g. Career Action, Student Success, Wellness, and Writing Centre - check Finances on Quest for proof). Given the current circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the services that are being offered by the University, raising fees is unacceptable and shows the University’s lack of compassion towards its student body.

The Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association (WUSA), which claims to advocate for student rights, was unable to get us lower tuition. WUSA has INSTEAD increased all their fees from Winter 2020 to Fall 2020. If our student union will not help us during these turbulent times, we need to advocate for ourselves and negotiate with the University directly to make a change.

This is an issue we must speak up about, as students, to exact change. All students are struggling right now. Parents have lost jobs, and students haven't been able to secure a co-op to fund their education. Our learning experience, with the lectures, laboratories, and study groups, is gone. The online plan from the University will not match the quality of previous terms, given that connectivity issues may arise beyond our control. In spite of the loss of income for families, and the loss of our learning experience, fees have increased, and tuition remains the same.

According to an article from the Financial Post, lawsuits have been filed against 25 American Universities, demanding tuition refunds after campuses shut down in the spring, arguing students aren't receiving the quality of education they paid for. If they can make a difference and push for a tuition refund, we can rally for a tuition decrease for the fall term.

Spring 2020 was an adjustment period for everyone, students, and the University alike. Waterloo had part of the Winter term and the Spring term to recognize that the in-person experience cannot match an online delivery. Given the rapidly changing landscape created by COVID-19, at this time we are asking the University of Waterloo for a reduction in tuition and fees for the upcoming Fall 2020 term.

Please sign the petition to help us make a change. Share it with your friends, family, classmates, and fellow students at the University of Waterloo so that we can make the change happen together!