Protect Workers at the University of Warwick

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In a video message from 19 March, Vice Chancellor Stuart Croft publicly pledged to protect jobs during this time of crisis. The VC went on the record to state “we will not be laying people off.”

Yet the past few weeks have seen hundreds of Unitemps and agency workers on zero-hours contracts facing cancellation of their regular hours, leaving them high and dry. Tutors on hourly-paid contracts have been told they will not be paid for teaching that cannot be delivered online. Fixed-term contracts have not been renewed due to the implementation of a hiring freeze. These changes affect teaching and research staff, professional staff and support staff and workers alike. The university’s reliance on precarious contracts to meet its work needs has now thrown hundreds of people into a heightened state of insecurity. This despite the ostensible commitment to avoid laying people off.

We call on Warwick management to:

  • pay all staff on hourly paid contracts for any scheduled hours, and to continue the salaries of Unitemps and agency workers, irrespective of their eligibility for the furlough scheme, in a way that maintains their expected levels of income;
  • extend all fixed-term contracts until the current crisis is suspended;
  • protect all staff and workers who face increased precarity due to their visa status.

Other leading universities, such as the Universities of Sheffield or Aberdeen, have shown that the interests of the most vulnerable workers in higher education can and must be protected.

We call on the University of Warwick to join those institutions in protecting all staff and workers, and to commit to defending the entire Warwick community from financial hardship during this emergency.

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