Make Pass or Fail Grades an OPTION at UVIC due to COVID 19

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Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, I believe that the safety of University Of Victoria students is/has not been a priority for the school. While professors are trying their best to ensure that we still receive the content needed for our courses, uploading  power points, short documents and poor quality videos does is not sufficient. It is the end of the semester, when most students are finishing up assignments and have multiple projects due.

Along with this  some students are experiencing adverse conditions such as taking care of children who aren’t in school, taking care of sick relatives, or losing their jobs and having to apply for EI and look for alternate employment. All of these factors make it impossible for students who are less privileged to succeed in the same way they would if there wasn’t essentially a lockdown

The University is not doing enough to ensure that our grades remain consistent. Under these circumstances I believe that our education is being compromised. 

Therefore, I believe that UVIC should implement an option that allows student the choice between their grade or a pass/fail. Other schools have made this transition, such as the University of Calgary and the University of Alberta. The University of Victoria should be proactive in preserving the quality of our education.