UVM students demand partial tuition and housing reimbursement

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The University of Vermont has recently notified students that it will be limiting campus operations and transitioning to online classes in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In doing so, the University of Vermont is effectively disabling student access to student funded resources that many students rely on for academic success. These services include, but are not limited to student health services, student accessibility services, advising, mental health counseling, tutoring, and UVM Reslife, all of which are allocated funds directly from student tuition and housing dollars. This not only has the potential to handicap student academic success, but also threatens many students day to day wellbeing. 

For all intents and purposes, college is a service industry, and if UVM fails to provide students with necessary resources for which they have already paid, students MUST be entitled to a partial tuition and housing reimbursement. Such a reimbursement should be in accordance with the totality of days in which students do not have access to the above stated resources and the total tuition allocation to these resources. A fair tuition reimbursement would be a percentage of student tuition and housing dollars equal to the number of days missed divided by the total number of days in which students are able to take advantage of UVM resources, multiplied by the total allocation of funds towards programs which will no longer be available to students.

Given that paying for college is a massive financial burden for many UVM attendees, students should not be forced to pay for resources and housing to which they will have no access.

I ask that the UVM administration carefully consider a partial tuition and housing reimbursement as a means of rectifying the inherent decrease in tuition funded resources available to students due to the closure.