Make UofT Winter2020 final exams optional!

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COVID19 counter-measures; Make University of Toronto all campuses final exams optional for winter 2020.


Dear esteemed president of University of Toronto,

As you are well-aware, at these unprecedented turbulent times when the deadly COVID19 pandemic is fast spreading, exams have been cancelled or made optional for number of courses at UofT campuses as well as several other universities. Therefore, we would like to propose that the same proportionate decision be considered for all courses and programs, please, while alternate assignments can be considered to boost final scores.

The above proposal is tabled bearing in mind the need for maintaining equal opportunities at a time when:
- the pandemic is growing fast in Canada and North America causing new emerging vulnerabilities and fatalities on a daily basis
- many students have travelled back to different time zones where the respective governments are not capable or in some cases willing to enforce the relevant protocols to stem the spread of the disease
- COVID19 is imposing increasing mental and spiritual pressure on both professors and students alike causing enormous distraction, stress and brining the syllable progress to a halt. However, as students are less well-established, they are the most vulnerable of all.

Bearing in mind the above, we, the signatories to this petition, would like to request consideration of the aforementioned request, as the continuation of the prevailing situation is exposing all students, in Canada and beyond, to an unprecedented number of unknown game changing possibilities, amongst them serious health risks and fatalities.

I would be grateful if you could all kindly share this petition with all your friends and classmates across all three UofT campuses.

Your kind consideration is highly appreciated.