Extenuating Circumstances for international students, University of Surrey

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Due to the Covid-19 crisis, the University of Surrey has responded late and has not taken into consideration international students. The university will shut down from the 23rd of March, nevertheless that might be to late for interntional students all around the world. 

We believe that this shows an extreme lack of consideration towards international students, which have to travel back home and due to the late response from the university, might be stuck in a foreign country due to borders around the world being shut down.

Moreover, the lack of consideration follows through specifically towards assessments, since, in the case of having to fly back home with short notice, students have been granted no words of reassurance whatsoever indicating that their grades will not be negatively impacted and have been left in an ambiguous and un clear situation.

Students applying to extenuating circumstances are being treated unfairly claiming that if they travel back home it is they're problem. And if they don't carry out the assesments, they will be forced to retake them in August. This is inaceptable. 

We demand the right to be granted extenuating circumstances in both exams and courseworks due the week of the 16th of March.

The world is taking action, the University of Surrey should too.