Pass/Fail Option for 2020 Fall UMass Lowell Students

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We all know why this petition was made. A majority of students are paying for an education, then teaching themselves. The methods and systems being used by UML creates a lot of unwarranted mental stressors, and is still imposed on students. We feel as though this can be attributed to the added school work and time students are being forced to add to their schedules just to stay afloat in class. Many classes seemingly do not translate well to a virtual setting. We are paying a lot of money for our education that we are teaching ourselves and still not succeeding as much as we should be. We, as concerned students, created this poll for many others that feel as we do. In all of our time in the education system, we as students have never felt so behind despite the fact we have been putting in so much effort and time and it is scary to see that our future can be affected so drastically from this semester. We hope the university does listen to our word because it seems as if it is getting worse by the day.

A lot of students have never taken online classes before, and are being thrust into an whirlwind environment of virtual education. Tuition pricing for classes that weren't made to be online aside, the least we can ask for is a pass/fail option to reduce the mental stress that students are dealing with.


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