University of Winnipeg and The University of Manitoba: Student Compensation

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As students at the University of Manitoba and the University of Winnipeg, we see that there must be improvements made to the deliverance method, course material and student care. There are major problems to online University which the professors and the deans don’t see. These problems include: mental health, extreme stress during midterm exams, and the quality of instructions regarding course material and asynchronous classes. 

Mental health of students should be the utmost priority during this time, especially with the pandemic. Students may be trapped inside of their homes during the pandemic with pages upon pages of homework and readings due the following week. It puts students at their maximum limit of stress until they can't handle it. Though professors think that online courses are much easier than in person classes, students feel that they tend to give out more work online than they would give out in person. Students may experience technical difficulties uploading tests and quizzes and so professors should be more understanding and give us more upload time than we are already receiving. Many students have express concerns over extra assignments given out around exam time and around civic holidays. 

Students have often expressed concerns with the quality of instructions. For example, the quality of instructions have drastically decreased as more and more as university courses have switched to the online platform. Professors are opting for asynchronous classes when the class would be better off to be a live lecture class. 

In addition, students have paid full tuition (which is usually above $5500 for 5 courses). Based on the fact that we aren't getting the resources we would get in person we want to see cuts made to the tuitions. 

Now that we have transitioned to an online platform, we aren't getting as much as help as we need and students are often struggling to get help. Office hours aren't helping as much as majority of office hours are during other classes. Ironically, Professors tend to talk about mental health and say "take care of your self during these times" but how are students suppose to take care of them selves with hefty work loads and starring a screen for 8 hours or more. Students feel that professors do not care about students mental health. We request the dean to talk with the professors about mental health and then provide us with a solution to reduce our stress and reduce hour screen time.