Protect the University of London Clubs and Societies

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Please help the Clubs and Societies of the University of London (UoL) secure their future.

We believe that the Collegiate Council should not make the irreversible mistake of erasing lifetimes of past, present and future intercollegiate partnerships that will permanently devalue the University and MI student offering, diversity and wellbeing.

Read the Open Letter from the UoL Student Clubs and Societies to the Collegiate Council here

This Friday morning [update: originally we were informed it would be Thursday], at the July meeting of the UoL Collegiate Council, a proposal “to cease the operation of clubs and societies through Student Central" will be considered. "Under this proposal, some or all of the clubs and societies would be transferred to one or more of the University’s Member Institutions (MIs). [...] Any clubs or societies that could not be transferred would be dissolved.”

Monday 29th June (two days before 1st July) was the first time student representatives were informed about this, despite discussion supposedly happening "in recent months". There has been no prior suggestion that these clubs and societies, many decades old, were imminently under threat. There has been no opportunity for any feedback or input from the people that this proposal will ultimately impact the most. For many clubs, being transferred to a MI is simply not a viable option. 

For many current and former students, being part of a UoL club or society will have been a defining and crucial part of their university experience. These clubs and societies would have been their support network, their family away from home, an avenue through which they can meet people outside of their course and their university / member institution, to learn, ignite debates, share passions and form partnerships and friendships that last long after their time at university.

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