University of Lethbridge pass or fail- freeze uleth students GPA

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Due to the interruption that Coronavirus pandemic has caused in our normal way of learning , we believe that the necessary and fair action would be that the university should take is to allow students to choose if their classes will be graded on a pass/fail scale or on the all classes should still count for their respective requirements. In reality many of these classes do not properly translate to an online environment. In addition many of the professors in our school, while being unbelievable forces in their fields, have very little to no experience managing courses online. Furthermore, the grading process will be severely limited and will place undo stress on to students who have much less control over their stress and how to study for their exams.

This adjustment will help many students to get over the pressures of this difficult time and hopefully for the following semesters, the grading and evaluation will go back to normal 

Therefore, i suggest that Uleth changes the grading system to a pass or fail system during this pandemic  .U of C has made the decision to do this so, let's join them and be proactive in preserving the quality of our education. 
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