University of Leicester Strike Compensation

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We, the students of the University of Leicester, urge that the University compensates us 9.333% of our tuition fees for the disruption to our studies due to the 14 day strikes taking place between Thursday 20th February and Friday 13th March.

For many of us, this is our last semester before graduation meaning the disruption caused would impact our learning, assignments and projects/dissertations. While on strike lecturers don't tend to reply to emails or be available for help and advice. 

UK students paid £9,250.00 for 30 weeks of term. This equates to roughly £61.67 per day (30 weeks of term, 150 teaching days), meaning we are paying £863.33 (14 days of strikes) for studies we will not be receiving.

International students pay a different amount for their tuition depending on where they are from and what course they are studying. As a result, it would be difficult for me to calculate the exact amount for each student and would be easier to request a compensation of 9.333% of their tuition fees.

In addition, we do not individually rule out further claims of compensation. We acknowledge that the extended nature of the strikes may damage our graduate prospects, and future earnings, substantially.