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Fair work 4 PhDs

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We need your help. On the 1 January 2017, University of Greenwich senior management chose to unilaterally impose changes to PhD staff working arrangements. This changes includes:

  • A reduction of our pay of at least 37%. Some PhDs are seeing a cut to their pay as high as 65%. Whilst we are not fully qualified academics, and do not expect to be paid or treated as such, many of us are doing exactly the same work as an hourly paid lecturer but for ~80% less.
  • A 6 hour weekly cap on ANY work. This includes not only teaching but ALL work at the university - including any research and all part time jobs. This puts a cap on earnings at around 350 pounds a month. Some PhDs will seriously struggle to support themselves financially while other are considering quitting altogether.
  • We now have an exclusivity clause in our employment contracts - we will not be allowed to work outside the university without the university’s blessing.

These changes are unfair, illogical and unworkable. They will inevitably affect the quality of the teaching we provide to undergraduate and masters students at University of Greenwich. The changes will also have important consequences on the wellbeing of PhD students themselves, with those who are self-funded being hit the hardest. Who can live in London on £350 a month?

We have been looking to engage with the University of Greenwich from the very moment these changes were announced. We believe there is a way of achieving fair working conditions for PhDs while also meeting the main objective of the new policy (i.e. improving PhD completion times). However, the senior management at the University has chosen to ignore the many issues we raise and continue to refuse to engage with us - their own staff.

The aim of this campaign is to gain fair and equitable employment contracts for all PhD students at University of Greenwich. Please give your support to this campaign and sign our petition. 

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