Support Staff on Insecure and Temporary Contracts at the University of Essex

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We, the members of the Essex University Community, past and present, stand together with our colleagues on insecure and temporary contracts and demand that:

1.     the University recognises staff on insecure and temporary contracts, including GTAs and GLAs, as valued and valuable members of our Community;

2.     the University immediately withdraws all decisions that will result in job losses for staff on insecure and temporary contracts, including GTAs and GLAs, either now or during the next academic year;

3.     the VC and Senior Management consult widely and proactively with members of the whole Community in redrafting the Emergency Budget, including those most affected by these decisions, as well as the Unions;

4.     the University protects the jobs of all staff including casualised staff throughout the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, which will include the following measures:

·       Cancelling the termination of contracts of all casualised academic and professional services staff in the next 12 months.

·      Renewing at least once all fixed-term academic and professional services contracts that end in the next 6 months.

·       Continuing to post job advertisements for all term-specific, recurring, casualised posts and professional services positions as normal. 

·       Honouring staff who have a reasonable expectation of the repeat offer of a fixed term post (based on work they carried out in the previous academic year) by renewing their contracts at least once.

·      Guaranteeing existing GTA/GLA budgets.