Non-Detriment policy for University Of Chester students

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University of Chester students are calling for the University to implement a no-detriment policy for end of year exams and all assignments that were due on or after March 23rd 2020.

While the country faces these unprecedented times, students have been affected in numerous ways:

A lack of access to appropriate facilities and resources has led to detrimental effects on assignments. The closure of retail spaces, bars, pubs, restaurants, and other customer-facing roles has led to many students facing redundancy and financial uncertainty, students have had to unexpectedly pack up and move back to their hometowns, and international students have been faced with stress and worry. Students with children have had to choose between their academic success and childcare, due to the closures of schools and nurseries and the inability to reach out to family or friends for support.

Many students have spoken about the impact all of this has had on their ability to concentrate and work to the standard that they have achieved throughout their academic careers to date. By protecting the students’ current average grades, the University can relieve some of this pressure felt by students.

The no-detriment policy means that, if students reach a pass mark of 40, their average grade to date will not decrease. However, students’ grades can increase if they achieve higher grades as per normal.

The students of the University of Chester appreciate the measures that have been taken so far in moving the academic year online, however we plead with the University to implement this policy, as many other Universities have now done (including Russell groups). You have a chance to seriously help your students’ mental well being.

Our hard work over the year should not be affected due to the COVID-19 crisis that we have no control over. Please protect your students grades in these unprecedented times.