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To allow students at the University of Cambridge to decide whether or not they appear on public university class lists

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The current class list system at Cambridge means that our results are posted online, outside Senate House, in our faculties, and in other publications that we have absolutely no control over. The current system completely ignores the right of privacy for Cambridge students, and their welfare. It removes any autonomy from students over their examinations results - results which students work so hard to achieve. If you believe that this system is wrong and needs to be reformed, please sign this petition. The following reasons are just a few of many that show how essential it is to give students agency over their examination results:

1) Promotes a culture of grade shaming 

2) Those with mental health issues may not wish to be present on the class list. Furthermore, they may find the current system of requiring doctor's notes, liaising with Directors of Studies and Senior Tutors to request to have themselves taken off the class list overwhelming (and they still could have their request rejected). In addition, even if a student does not appear to have mental health issues, the public distribution of results could trigger an episode

3) Students may wish to simply have some privacy, which is something that should be a right

4) The current system presents results which neglect contextual issues concerning the exam performance of a student

5) The current system is harmful to those who do not wish to be identified by the name the university has on record, particularly within the trans community

6) There is a gender attainment gap throughout all subjects at the university, and therefore it seems inappropriate to publish this so openly when you're statistically less likely to get a first than the man sitting next to you in an exam if you are a woman

There are, of course, many more reasons why people may feel that they should not appear on university class lists. We propose that the university offers a system that allows a student to 'opt out' of class lists.

We understand that this is a tradition and, for many, is a celebration of their academic achievements which is why we simply request that students are given the choice of whether or not they are on these class list: Our grade, our choice.

Together we can make a difference. 

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