COVID19 Stop UBC Fraternities

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The UBC Fraternities are holding their annual rush; this includes large groups of people (125 pledges plus all the fraternity members) meeting for the first time in the middle of a global pandemic. Following this they will continue to meet in person for large events furthering the possibility of spreading Covid19. There is no way they will be able to maintain social distancing guidelines throughout this process. The UBC sororities are holding a virtual rush, the fraternities should be doing the same. Recently, Western University had a Covid19 outbreak and have since been forced to shut down most of their campus (

This has been linked to large groups meeting and drinking together. In order to keep our campus safe, we must stop the fraternities from hosting such events. This is not the time to engage in such risky behaviours. Their actions will have consequences effecting the greater UBC community and our already burdened health care officials. 

Please sign this petition to STOP the fraternities from hosting any events. If the rest of the province is expected "stick to six" then they can too.