Do NOT rename Wills Memorial Building

We, the undersigned, do NOT support the movement to change the name of Wills Memorial Building and be complicit in erasing history. 

We feel that we need to make our opposition clear so that a few students that have not thought clearly are shown to not be representative of the view of the few calling for a name change. We also petition that the Students Union withdraws its support of the renaming as it is not supported by the students they are meant to represent. 

The movement to rename Wills Memorial is based on the links between the Wills family with slavery. They claim that renaming Wills memorial will somehow cleanse the sins of the past. This is not the case. By deleting the Wills family from the universities identity it only serves to erase the past. By keeping the name we can shine a light on the horrors of the past and ensure that they are not repeated. 

Thus we wish to nullify the previous petition.

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  • University of Bristol

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