#NoOnlineExamNoVote We had Online classes, so we want Online exams (KTU 2021 Odd Sem)

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Even though the covid condition has been more stable, it has not been fully eradicated from Kerala. Kerala Technological University(KTU) was of the view that 'Online classes were not sufficient for proper education', but now they are conducting offline semester examinations with even less study time than usual. Most colleges haven't finished teaching the full syllabus and many lack proper study materials. For a university with an average pass percentage of 30%, online teaching isn't enough to prepare us for the offline exams.

Kerala Technological University(KTU) had already conducted online exams for final semesters last year, which proves that it is possible to conduct online exams as a substitute in the current situation. IIT's, NIT's and many other engineering colleges have already conducted online exams, so why not KTU. They teach us in online mode but want to examine us in offline mode, which is hypocritical, unfair, dangerous, and doesn't reflect the best interests of the students. So we request the examination to be conducted online rather than offline.

So we humbly request everyone to sign so the proper authorities can have a clear view about the current academic situation and perspective of the students.

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#NoOnlineExamNoVote  #KeralaElections

Guys we have been marginally successful with the final years, but nothing has been done for our intermediate semester students, that is, S3 and S5 students, who are waiting for a miracle to get them to pass this exam. Just before a week from the start of  the final years exams, KTU adjusted the timetable to give them more time to learn, which means it isn't too late for S3 and S5. So make noise and spread #NoOnlineExamNoVote and don't forget, elections are coming and all of us have votes!