UCC. Freeze the Rent, Reverse the 3%.

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UCC Campus Accommodation made the decision to increase rents yet again, now by 3%, which means in just three years rent for campus accommodation has increased by the 19%.

The prices of student accommodation have become increasingly in accessible. Students are being locked out of education due to finances and that just is not good enough. Everyone should be able to access education and not being able to afford extortionate amounts of rent, should not be a factor on why someone cannot come to college.

Students are not happy, parents are not happy and they shouldn’t be. Families are suffering at the hands of the housing crisis and extortionate amounts of rent.

The University, and any company or board attached to the University must be committed to breaking down the barriers in accessing education instead of creating them.

Please sign this petition to help us in our fight for UCC Campus Accommodation to reverse the 3% increase an commit to a 3 year rent freeze on UCC Campus Accommodation. 

 Our voices need to be actually heard and not just listened to.