Introduce a reading week and end Week 5 Blues

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Oxbridge are very unusual in the way they do things - formals, colleges, "keep off the grass" signs. Eight week terms are another, except this one is unique in that it is severely detrimental to students. Terms are short and intensive, and as a NatSci myself with a six day week, it can be even harder. It's difficult to find any time to yourself with the constant fear of falling behind, which is often the case with such heavy workloads, and the constant stress and strain can have a serious effect on students' physical and mental health.

Compared to other universities with much longer terms, it shouldn't be of any hassle to introduce a reading week. It would be welcomed by all students and faculty members, and here's why: 

1. A clean break halfway between terms (Michaelmas and Lent) will allow students to catch up on any work from the first four weeks. This is much more beneficial than falling more and more behind and leaving it all to the holidays.

2. Week 5 blues will be no longer, and instead students can feel rejuvenated and motivated for the second half of term. Such an intensive environment like the one here at Cambridge is in desperate need of a reprieve, to allow students to recover and recuperate, mentally and physically. Productivity will skyrocket.

3. Supervisors, lecturers, demonstrators and other staff can also have a chance to have a break! (From student related jobs, allowing more time to focus on research or other forms of work etc.) Time to compose ourselves is beneficial for everyone involved. 

4. Holiday revision can be much more efficient when more content has already been revised during term, and the workload not as daunting. Also, any content not understood can be worked through with supervisors earlier on.

Week 5 blues has become the norm at Cambridge, and while traditions are a lovely thing to be kept, this one isn't so nice. Sign this petition to make the University aware of the support for a reading week, so we can make student life a much more enjoyable and healthy experience!