UNITY AND RE-UNIFICATION We deserve a second chance!

UNITY AND RE-UNIFICATION We deserve a second chance!

May 8, 2012
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Supervising Judge of Family Courts--Erie County Judge Janice M. Rosa and
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Started by Jacqueline X

This is important for justice of N.G. and regaining relationship, love, and trust with her mother as well as society as a whole. It is also important because it will change the circumstances for thousands of other children and families adversely affected by Judge Bailey's decisions. N.G. has been on supervised visits with her mom since May 2011. There have been no incidents during the visits and in fact mom has been an ideal model parent at visits, and is often asked for new workers to be allowed to observe the visits. 

 Jacqueline Bontzolakes suffered enormous physical, sexual, mental, and emotional anguish at the hands of her abusive partner. As she tried to separate herself legally from him, he filed no fewer than 30 family court petitions against her, and as is common with victims of domestic violence, she lost custody of her daughter after seven gruelling years of constant petitions. But in a twist too horrific for most of us to fathom, the girl’s father allowed a registered sex offender to be alone with and even sleep in the same room as his daughter, as he worked overnight shifts. As Jacqueline became aware of the situation she voiced her concerns to both a family court judge who had recently awarded father full custody. The judge refused to relieve Ms. Bontzolakes' petition to keep her daughter a safe distance from a sex offender. When Ms. Bontzolakes realized that the judge was not going to assist in protecting the child from grave and eminent danger, she did the only thing she could do ensure the daughter's safety- she "abscounded" with her. Within months of that petition to the judge (even while Ms. Bontzolakes was detained), several more witnesses filed CPS complaints about the child being left alone with the registered sex offender. When that was brought up at the next court date, the same judge refused to protect the daughter again. Finally, nine months later, the father’s "safety plan" included locking her in a bedroom at night. Which was approved by CPS as a legitimate was to protect the child! We are asking for a judicial review of Jacqueline Bontzolakes cases (Federal Docket case # 1:10CR00262-001, and Erie County Family Court Docket # F-04837-03 and any other variations of the docket # or numbers including F-4837-03) as she is about to start her prison sentence related to the kidnapping. Most parents and decent people will agree with me that Jacqueline’s degree of love and devotion to her daughter warrant an award, not a prison sentence. If Jacqueline goes to prison, her daughter will lose the relationship she still has with her mother, making the little girl more vulnerable to the “grooming” process that pedophiles use to ensnare children. This is a recipe for ruining a child’s innocence. We must take a stand to protect children. Jacqueline was convicted of violating the International Kidnapping Law, Federal Court refused to allow in evidence to satisfy the Legal Affirmative Defense. That her actions were justified because the kidnapping was a response to save her daughter from great harm. The laws surrounding kidnapping of children must be enforced, but not at the expense of a fair trial. 


Jacqueline deserves an investigation into why the evidence to support her claim that she was protecting her daughter. In addition, her daughter deserves an investigation into the sordid circumstances that precipitated her mom's action and deserves to be safe. In recent Federal trial, father admitted that 'occasionally' he leaves the daughter with his brother-- the sex offender. A judicial review of both these court dockets is the first necessary step in this process.

Call for action. Please remove Judge Bailey from hearing any other petitions that are brought about by Mr. N.E.G. and/or Ms. Jacqueline Bontzolakes. Your actions will save a family from continued damage.  


We are HUMBLY requesting a FULL INVESTIGATION of this case from the inception until present order, which states it is a final order.  One that Ms. Bontzolakes has recently tried to modified and was instructed by the clerk and the clerks supervisor that she could not file a petition.  We want a careful judicial review, as well as a citizens review of every court date.  Futhermore we want a a public apology from Judge Bailey, and reunification of the family effective immediately until such investigation is completed. 






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This petition had 1,149 supporters

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