Referendum Puerto Rico 2019

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We citizens of Puerto Rico- those living abroad and in the island, under the extreme circumstances that have arose, respectfully request to be called for a Referendum within the next 90-days after the recent indictions of several executives and contractors appointed by Governor Ricardo Rossello Nevares.  Education Secretary Julia Keleher, former Puerto Rico Health Insurance Administration, head Ángela Ávila-Marrero, businessman Fernando Scherrer-Caillet and education contractors Glenda E. Ponce-Mendoza and Mayra Ponce-Mendoza are facing 32-counts of money laundering, fraud and other related charges.

Moreover, over 800 pages have been leaked which contained explicit non-ethical communication between Governor Ricardo Rossello Nevares and other members of his cabinet demonstrating how they manipulated the media during the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, threatened public administrators, shamed and sexually profiled journalists, singers and others - while addressing official governmental matters over encrypted non-official communication ways via Telegram. 

We, the people of Puerto Rico, share the same concerns expressed by the President of the United States and other Republican and Democrats political figures within the U.S.A.  about Governor´s Ricardo Rossello practices and competency to administer the island of Puerto Rico during such economical, social and moral crisis. 

Therefore, and despite the lack of ability that our Constitution provide us - we consider a Referendum must take place in order to provide the people of Puerto Rico the opportunity to choose democratically which will be the future of the current administration and the wellbeing of the island and all of its citizens. 


The People of Puerto Rico