National Sales Ban on Small Arms and Ammunition

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This discussion is only allowed after each mass shooting, yet the threat of gun violence is an ordinary everyday aspect of American life. Ultimately; the only real answer to this tragic fact is a National Ban on the sale of all small arms and ammunition. All other attempts to regulate firearms are cumbersome ineffectual half measures.

The second Amendment should not be interpreted as a public right. It was intended as a right for each State to have a well regulated Militia. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

A well regulated Militia; certainly this is not every man, women, and child. “The people,” already have a “Well regulated Militia” in my home State. They are designated, the Mile High Militia and they are called to arms by the Governor of this State. Just take look at one of our F-16 fighter jets, you will see this emblazoned upon the tail.

I understand this issue has been ruled on; it has been ruled on by a Court appointed by an unduly influenced government. The Second Amendment itself was written well before the invention of modern fire arms. So if you really must have a weapon for sport or varmint control or whatever, try being sporting about it and use a black powder musket or a bow perhaps.

In this modern society there exist many alternatives for personal and home defense. Non-lethal is an option. Arms possession does not offer anyone some sort of failsafe defense. They are by nature offensive weapons and not passively defensive, e.g. like armor. Unfortunately, bad actors will always have the upper hand in this regard.

If you say then only criminals will have guns, well that won’t be true and you’re overlooking our many fine Peace Enforcement Officers. I am taking a long view here, focused on the sale of small arms, not legacy possession. Please, allow yourself to give this concept proper contemplation. Of course, this won’t be easy, but doing what’s right is not the same thing as doing what is easy.

There will be no need to “Come and take em from any ones’ cold dead hands.” Tempting as that typical offer may be at times. If sales were banned, we would only have to lie in the bed that we’ve made for ourselves and wait for the instruments of death to fall to rust or be made into plowshares. A very long wait to be sure, but throwing gas on the fire is obviously not getting us anywhere. Proliferation is not a sane solution. Buyback programs could be an option. I don’t have every facet etched in stone. I just want to provide an original and honest line of thought.

No matter your place or circumstance in this country or what your particular sympathies may be. It is absolutely crucial to recognize, this is the great lynchpin of American politics. We cannot come together and move forward, until this debate is put to rest.

We owe it to ourselves and to all future generations, to commence to truly finding a solution to this problem now and forever.

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