Justice for Jason Branum and Bryan Brunsting

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As Americans, we should all be concerned about the misuse of our judicial system and the devastating effect a wrongful conviction can have on the lives of American patriots. The United States judicial system continues to allow suppression of exculpatory evidence, coerced testimony, deals in exchange for testimony, and blatant perjury within our nation’s courtrooms. Because of this, there may be an unnecessary exacerbation of charges brought against innocent citizens, creating unfounded assumptions of guilt.  

Wrongful convictions have long plagued our country, and in 2015, a record number of exonerations were recorded by the National Registry of Exonerations (NRE). The Innocence Project, citing multiple studies, an estimated 2-5% of prisoners are innocent. One pattern found by the NRE for such a high number of wrongfully convicted persons was due to official misconduct. 

Government official misconduct occurred in the case of Jason Branum and Bryan Brunsting, two Sherriff Deputies found in the crossfire of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Los Angeles Sherriff Department. Questionable and unlawful tactics (e.g., coerced testimony) used by an FBI agent handling the case, suppression of the only physical evidence available, and news media outlets irresponsibly circulating rumors and lies as fact before any trial, lead to a horrible miscarriage of justice for these two men. Because of these flaws in our judicial system, these men will now be taken from their families for a crime they did not commit. For further details about the situation, please read these articles:



 Please join me in asking the President of the United States for a pardon in Bryan and Jason’s case by signing the petition on Change.org and sharing this message publicly however you can.