Equal Treatment for all chronic pain patients

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There is a new opiate law in The state of Maine LD1646 This law limits the prescribing of opiate medications. A patient has to be on a dose of opiate containing medication that is under 100 morphine milligram equivalent.

This is being done to "help" diminish the number of opiate addictions each year and to prevent overdose. I understand that both of these things are a huge issue in Maine however, while our governor drafted these dramatic new laws to help in this way he vetoed a bill to allow the sale and purchase of naloxone a life saving opiate reversal drug that saves lives of those addicted. Is this truly about curbing drug abuse or is it just the government further forcing it's power?

This law needs to be overturned for so many reasons. 

It placed government control over the way medical providers can provide care. This is not right. I am apauled that any of our Maine doctors stood behind the passing of this bill into law it is a disgrace. 

It leaves thousands of people with ligitamate health conditions that cause excrutiating pain with extreme dose cuts or no medication at all leading to undesirable pain. Why is this being done to the ligit patients oh yes because there is supposedly new evidence backing the idea there is no evidence of benifits to use of pain medications long term and that the medications make the nerves of the body hypersensitive to pain. I am a person who lives with pain every single day and I have used medication and have never noticed it making my nerves hypersensitive to pain. My nerves are on fire wit my dosage decrease however but I know that will not be heard as I read in articles where providers are being told to act as though they are hearing us yet to basically ignore what we have to say about our pain because we are going to say anything to try and get our medications raised again. I will be the first to say that this is truly devastating to read because I have never been dishonest about my level of pain to obtain medication. 

The other portion of this law that I find very hurtful and unfair is that those of us with extreme pain due to medical conditions that are incurable but not life limiting( do not shorten life expectancy) who have been turned away by pain management clinics have no place to turn in order to get our narcotic medications at a dose that gives us the comfort we need. 

I live wit IC, A bladder condition that can cause pain comparable to end stage bladder cancer endometriosis a GYN condition with unpredictable pain that is often described as worse than labor and birth of a baby yet my meds are being reduced. I also gave gastroparesis a condition in which the stomach doesn't digest food correctly which is very painful and on its bad days can cause many other issues. I tried getting palieative care but I did not qualify because I was not suffering from a life limiting condition such as cancer or heart failure lung desiese. This law is unethical and barbaric it leaves Honest chronic pain patients such as myself to suffer because we have exhausted all options and are not close enough to death for other services. Please I beg of everyone to read and sign this and for those listed who have the power to change this law please help people like myself who are sick but not vying by changing this law in some way or overturning it and finding another way to try and fix the drug epidemic. 

I truly feel that the death toll from both street drug use and suicide is going to increase because of this law. I am sorry but no matter what those who do research say they do not live the chronic life. Pain medication is not wonderful it has risks like anything else however LONG TERM USE CAN AND DOES HELP CHRONIC PAIN pleas sign if you live with or know someone who lives with chronic pain

thank you all chronic pain patients