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Strip Joel Osteen "Church" of Tax-exempt protection.

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Joel Osteen has been reported to be worth over $40 million. That alone should raise alarm bells as to how his mega church has tax-exemption on ethical grounds. It also raises the question - who is auditing his financial services and ensuring he does not bilk church donations and profits for a bloated annual salary to himself. Simply put, $40 million doesn't come from selling a couple niche, self-help christian books. 


Beyond this,  is a far more important question.  In light of Joel Osteen having done NOTHING for the local and desperate communities of Houston during Hurricane Harvey - until news reports and social media anger became commonplace - how does his mega "church"  (doors closed/locked, venue empty, and doing nothing proactive after more than 2 days of local chaos) qualify for tax exemption protection when it (and Osteen) have demonstrated a flagrant disregard for one of the most important reasons behind the exemption (incentives for doing good through your church or group)?


Aside from Houston's representatives needing to unify and immediately suspend tax-exemption for any and all Joel Osteen endeavors, they need to become the people's champions in calling for an IED audit of all accounts and funds even remotely related  to Joel Osteen.


His reluctance to do as a man of God, an evangelist,  and a holder of affluent mega churches is REQUIRED to do (until caught doing nothing by the watchful eye of social media news groups), justifies swift action, and likely penalty, to seek justice for a betrayed city, ignored Americans in trouble,  and a deliberate declaration of disregard for the PRIVELEGE of tax-exemption.


The people of Houston and the nation at large deserve better than tax-dodging fake churches run by selfish multi-millionaires that try to dodge their tax-exemption DUTY to do good by their communities. 


Please, pick up this torch use it to shine the light of justice, ethics,  and morality upon a disgraceful person and his empire built on the donations of the very people he ignored (again, until caught red-handed and with locked doors ).


Thank you. 

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