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Our home, Business and Government Surveillance cameras are sending our data to China

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This will sound unbelievable. It's not and you can verify everything with a simple internet search.

The company name is Hikvision. The are a Chinese government ran CCTV manufacturer. Over the past year they have literally flooded the United States with their equipment, Their company has grown nearly 400% this year while domestic companies are struggling because of Hikvisions near impossibly cheap Equipment from china. The company has won awards from homeland security and is currently securing Your homes, businesses, airports, schools, government offices, prison systems and is being specs to secure our Nuclear facilities too. Hikvision has had a history of hacking issues, both internally and externally. This month it got worse. Every time one of their machines is plugged in to the internet it sends all your data to 3 data servers in China. With that information the Chinese government can log in to any camera system, anytime they want. They can pull recordings from your home or business and even our own government facilities. In addition when you download their mobile app it can access all your personal data. I realize this sounds like a conspiracy theory. All I ask is that you not take my word for it. Please don't take my word for it. Instead google search "hikvision Hack" You will find hacking issues for the past few years but the most recent is the most disturbing. Once you do your own research, pick your Jaw up off the floor and spread the word.

In past years the US government would not allow Chinese CCTV equipment in any of their bids. Now that's all they are installing and it's a national security risk. Our own homeland Security has given them awards (before the Hack was revealed).

Please help me not just make a change but also raise awareness. People are using these cameras in their homes, at your work, in your airports and schools. No one should have such easy access to this information. Please post this on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, linked in. Help us.

All of the Surveillance companies in the United States can agree Hikvision has caused this industry unrepairable issues and caused the loss of thousands of domestic jobs and careers. It's time for all US Camera companies to set aside their differences and realize we have 1 main bad guy to take down. Spread the word, bring back the industry to the proud, strong and secure industry it once was.

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