Force Corporations to Accept Returns on Plastic Waste

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In an era plagued by plastic waste contaminating the entire planet, it is more important than ever to demand returns on plastic waste from corporations responsible for designing products with copious amounts of plastic which inevitably ends in the hands of the citizens. 

Moving forward, companies should begin to become responsible for the plastics which they include in their products. The waste from packaging is detrimental to the environment, and therefore should be reduced and eliminated by forcing companies to allow returns on plastic packaging and allow plastic products to be properly recycled.

The public should receive an incentive to return plastic bottles, packaging, and other waste by including a small deposit on applicable plastic products. People may return these products and receive their deposit back, significantly increasing the total amount of recycled plastic which otherwise often ends up in landfills or the environment.

Companies should also allow the return of all other plastic packaging waste free of charge from customers. Allowing returns on plastic waste would give the incentive for companies to revise their packaging models to include more durable plastics which can be returned and reused on future products. Furthermore, companies would have to reconsider which materials are used to package products to reduce the amount of garbage which is returned. Companies could include their own deposits on durable packaging materials so customers can return the packaging and allow companies to reuse the packaging again. 

There are already viable alternatives to plastic which offer significantly more environmentally friendly, mandating the returns on plastic waste would give the incentive for companies to switch to alternative and "greener" packaging. 

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