Justice For Kadijah M. Saccoh

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I am demanding justice for my 5 year old cousin Kadijah Saccoh. Kadijah was a U.S. citizen who was brutally raped, tortured, and strangled to death in Sierra Leone, a country on the coast of West Africa. Her father, Congolese Saccoh, has been trying extremely hard to bring her to the U.S., but the Judge of my uncle's case prevented him from his right as a parent and her right as a U.S. citizen, to allow her to leave and go to America. If he did not threaten my uncle, my cousin would still be alive today. Her caregivers tried to cover up her death by giving false stories of what happened to her. We need to find the rapist as well. I want everyone involved to be arrested. I am so sick to my stomach. My cousin's life mattered. We need to protect our black sisters. We need to protect our daughters from being raped. I'm so sick and tired of this. Please share this petition to any politicians and please spread the word so the United States can make this a priority investigation. SAY HER NAME. JUSTICE FOR KADIJAH M. SACCOH. I WILL NOT REST UNTIL EVERYONE WHO WAS INVOLVED IN THE EVENTS LEADING UP TO MY COUSINS MURDER ARE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS.