The Right to Explore

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You have The Right to Explore our federal lands.

The current fees and restrictions in national parks are unfair. Over the last 60 years, annual park entry fees have increased from $6 to $70 and campground fees have increased from free to $25+ per night. For many travelers, these costs are restrictive. For car campers and van-lifers, options are even more limited. Fines for overnight parking can range from $70-$700+, even in the remotest locations. This petition is dedicated to eliminating unjust costs and restoring inclusive access to America's wilderness areas.

We believe that natural federal areas should promote happiness, inspire a spirit of adventure, and most importantly foster a diverse and inclusive outdoor environment. With their current for-profit models, the National Park Service, National Forest Service, and Bureau of Land Management charge exorbitant fees for visitor activities. Even permits such as backcountry camping and climbing, which often require the use of no facilities, can have high non-refundable costs. Our aim with this petition is to spread awareness of inclusivity problems within our federal lands system and pressure USDA/US Interior to take action eliminating fees.

Our Goals:

  • Make all 62 National Parks free to visit
  • Make all campsites free on federal lands
  • Allow 48 hours of overnight parking in public lots
  • Make all access permits free for federal sites
  • Keep parks open 24/7 every day of the year
  • No more 'for-profit' natural federal areas

Help us take this crucial step towards social justice outdoors.

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