Protest Trump Administration’s Attempts to Derail Transgender Rights

Protest Trump Administration’s Attempts to Derail Transgender Rights

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Hi. I’m a fifteen year old trans guy from New Jersey and after checking the news on my phone yesterday, I started to grow even more scared for the future, than I already was as a trans teenager under the Trump administration. As reported by the New York Times, followed by various other news sources, a leaked memo from the Department of Health and Human Services shows collaboration between the Trump administration and the department in trying to create a revision to Title IX that defines “gender” ( really meaning sex) as completely biological and unchanging from birth without genetic testing. This would be completely denying the existence and basic human rights of transgender people, both binary and not. We would loose the right to change our gender markers and hid our transgender status to prevent discrimination. Speaking of discrimination, we would no longer be protected from “gender” discrimination. This will also affect cisgender people, as gender non conforming and androgynous people would also face more discrimination. This policy would significantly diminish the rights of intersex ( those outside the sex binary) people who are only recently getting protection from unnecessary genital surgery as a baby, and only in a few states. Personally, I have not changed my name or gender marker legally, nor have I started hormones or had any surgeries yet and I am terrified that if this comes to pass, it will be much harder to do. Please help us fight back against this discriminatory, disgusting, so very predictably republican policy.


For regular citizens:

The most important thing you can do is vote! Especially if you are voting in Massachusetts, and need to vote yes on the third question to protect trans people from discrimination


On November 6, at 10 am, I think that everyone who does not support bigotry should walk out of their schools and their places of work. Those who can, march to the polls and take action. For the rest of us, we should wear blue, white, and pink, the colors of the trans flag and peacefully protest the administration’s attempts at tearing us down. Half an hour would be sufficient.