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Stop Terrorist Cells In The U.S. And Other Countries From Using Military Grade Weapons (DEW's) To Track, Cut And Burn People!

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I am petitioning The aforementioned individuals and/or organizations to investigate the tracking, torture, maiming and killing of people (including children) in the U.S. as well as other countries via the use of plasma lasers, parabolic reflectors/solar cookers, high power microwaves, electromagnets and other weapons of war. These weapons are being used on the average citizen, persons, in most cases, not connected with the government or military in any manner. Plasma lasers (also called electrolasers) are used covertly in conjunction with Tesla coils. One does not see the weapon nor the person(s) using it. The victim can be anywhere. In their home or outside. Victims are tracked 24 hours a day, they are cut and they are burned. There are terrorists cells across the U.S. and other countries torturing people each and every day. This particular type of torture and slow death is called "gangstalking" and the victims are known as "targeted individuals". The victims of this type of remote torture have set up websites in order to come together as a;;
Many people will doubt the experiences of the victims of this atrocity because the manner of their torture is so incredible. Who would believe that one could be cut and burned without seeing the perpetrator? But how is it that so many people, from different parts of this country as well as other nations, from all walks of life and having never met one another, how is it that they all have similar atrocities happening to them. The psychopaths using these weapons will torture a person until they kill them or the individual can take no more and commits suicide. They do not discriminate. They cut and cook the old, the young, the healthy person, the sick person, children and animals.
Please help to stop this atrocity by doing whatever you can. It is extremely important to make this known as the people who are being harmed and killed now are the "canaries in the coal mine" so to speak. Once that is accomplished, who shall be their next targets? You can help to bring about change. You can help to stop the human rights abuse happening here in the U.S. and other countries. You can help to stop people from literally being cooked to death

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