Require Bed Regulations in Wheelchair Accessible Lodging Facilities

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The Americans with Disabilities Act fails to address an imperative part of access in hotels and other lodging facilities; bed design.

Two Major Issues in lodging facilities:

  1. Bed Height
  2. Clearance Under the Bed

Call for Action:

  1. Address bed height standards in ADA Standards to have minimum and maximum bed heights
  2. Address clearance under bed in ADA Standards to require minimum clearance to ensure access for lifts
  3. Require lodging facilities to provide bed height and under bed clearance in room description

Currently there are no regulations that apply to beds in wheelchair accessible rooms. For wheelchair users, the importance of bed height and clearance under the bed is undeniable. Many wheelchair users traveling alone are unable to achieve transfers into beds that are too high or too low. Regulating the bed height is a simple but majorly impactful way of ensuring people with disabilities have access to travel, one of our fundamental Constitutional rights.

Furthermore, people traveling with lifts are unable to utilize lifts if there is no clearance under the bed. Requiring a certain amount of clearance under the bed will ensure that individuals needing lifts will have the ability to use them.

I ask that the access board regulate beds in lodging facilities to ensure that people with disabilities can travel independently and seamlessly. At a very minimum require lodging facilities to provide bed height and clearance in their room descriptions or require they have the information available on request. Too many people with disabilities have been negatively impacted by extreme bed designs, and it poses a risk of injury to so many. It is imperative we address the issue.