We Want Justice! We Want Peace!

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This petition was created in support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, #JusticeForFloyd, the protests going on to get justice for the ones of us that were not fortunate enough to have our stories told and shown to the world, and those of us who simply want a democracy instead of a dictatorship. Black people and other PoC are all victims of racial injustice, police brutality, and injustice from our governments.

It’s time we took a stand against the oligarchies to change this world—our world, for the better.

This is a defining moment in everyone’s lifetime to see not just all of the 50 states protesting, but people from all over the world standing and protesting with us. This is a message addressed to the United Nations to act in regards to the International Bill of Human Rights, as the people that are protesting both here in America and in different countries are fighting for basic human rights to be afforded to those who are seen less than human and treated as such because of:

1. Their race.
2. Their gender.
3. Their culture.
4. Their class status.

The people of the world have had enough of our voiced constantly being silenced or falling on death ears, because our own countries governments refuse to see us—and when they do see us, we are gunned down in the streets like animals. We are asking that the U.N. stand with us—that the world leaders take a stand with us with what is happening here in America. We call for you to support us and take the first step changing the world for a better one. Donald Trump is an embarrassment to democracy, he is an embarrassment to law and order—he is a tyrant and he is trying to turn this country that is supposed to be “free” for people of all nationalities into a dictatorship, instead of arresting four cops for murdering George Floyd because he was Black.

We have had enough.

Stand with us.