Demanding International Humanitarian Assistance to Lebanon.

Demanding International Humanitarian Assistance to Lebanon.

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Michael Charif started this petition to United Nations

We, the Lebanese people of the Lebanon Republic, whether within the sovereign state or abroad, demand the immediate resignation of all current, past, or recurring government officials of this administration. 

The Lebanese are pleading to the United Nations, UNIFIL, the E.U. and other International Organizations, to abet, recognize, and to support the Lebanese civilians' legitimacy of rule and decision making over the future of their state.

This petition recognizes:

  • The demand for early Parliamentary elections with new candidates and NEW Political parties that support Lebanese initiatives (such as stabilizing the Lebanese economy, reforming the  electricity sector, providing basic public services, ensuring PEACE and neutrality and safety for the Lebanese republic.)
  • The urgent priority of establishing U.N. resolution 1559 , that enforces the complete disarmament of all foreign or political militias outside the legitimacy of the Lebanese Armed Forces. 
  • The U.N. to continue to uphold Resolution 1701 which establishes the peacekeeping forces in South Lebanon, protecting the sovereign state from any illegal Israeli violations, which include the Israeli violations of Lebanese Maritime borders and aerial borders.  
  • Internationally-mandated Emergency Humanitarian relief to the Lebanese Armed Forces and civilian charities. 

In addition, The Lebanese people, all 14 Million of us globally, are asking for a complete overhaul of the political system and demand the state mandated representation that our state government has long diminished. We demand a unified Lebanon with new leaders, no militias, and state mandated protection from regional conflicts, by employing the Lebanese Dissociation Policy.   

The Lebanese people are the representatives of Lebanon. The Power of Lebanon, lies within the Lebanese people and not corrupt oligarchies that pander to outside foreign states. We ask the Lebanese to sign this petition as nothing more than an act of solidarity to the people of Lebanon.  It is the Lebanese people's duty to attempt every thing they can to salvage the Republic of Lebanon, and the International communities' responsibility to show solidarity with fellow citizens of the world who have been battling corruption, illegal mafias, and state interference for 50 years now. 

We ask the international community to not isolate the Lebanese people for the irresponsible actions of a corrupt government that NO LONGER maintains popular legitimacy to rule. We ask for immediate aid to the Lebanese who remain fighting for their state, 

In addition, we encourage donations to Lebanese charities, the Lebanese Red Cross, the Lebanese Armed Forces, and other civilian-oriented humanitarian aid. Lebanese are now suffering an unprecedented health and economic crisis that is sending shockwaves of unemployment, poverty, and instability across the country. 

We conclude, Lebanon is a state solely reserved for and run by the Lebanese people. We demand to re-establish this republic with Lebanese representation and remind the corrupt political government that the power lies within the people. We no longer grant this government the legitimacy to represent us and demand the immediate resignation of all government officials, the complete disarmament and abolishment of illegal militias. 

Finally, we ask, the U.N. and the E.U. or other donor nations, to create an Emergency budget that goes directly to immediate humanitarian relief in Lebanon. 


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