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I started this petition due to the ongoing problems in Nigeria.

On behalf of all Nigerians we want the acting President Buhari to resign. We Nigerians are tired of living in fear, poverty and are constantly suffering due to bad leadership. 

January 21st, 2019 Inspector General of Police Mohammed Adamu made a statement on disbandment of the Federal Special Anti-robbery squad (SARS) it is October 11th, 2020 and he is making the same statement on rebranding SARS rather we want actions not just words. The Nigerian Armed Forces should be readdressed, educated and reformed. We want sars to end not rebranded or redeployed. Talk is cheap but actions are priceless.

It is 2020 yet we do not have 24hours electricity, roads, job opportunities,education, healthcare system, no human rights, the students have been on strike, so many people lost their jobs with the unemployment rate constantly increasing.

Since 1960 Nigeria has not changed but rather it is worse, no development, the country is a total Failure. WE NEED A NEW ACTING PRESIDENT, someone who actually cares about the welfare of the citizens. WE NEED ELECTRICITY, GOOD ROADS, JOBS, GOOD HEALTHCARE SERVICE, AN END TO POLICE BRUTALITY.

Young people should also be in power, we need someone who is caring, smart, educated, knowledgeable and fit to rule Nigeria. The current president careless about Nigeria, innocent people are killed everyday and the youths are constantly being harassed.

We deserve a better Nigeria, enough is enough we are TIRED. Our voices must be heard, youths are standing up and taking actions but these same people are killing us for wanting our voices to be heard. People must be held accountable for their actions including those in power and we must fix Nigeria this is for our lives, future, our children, future generations.

All these silence, people are dying from police brutality, poverty yet the president is not saying anything. You swear to Protect and Serve Nigeria but this is breached over the years and we have had enough. So many promises over the last years yet none has been fulfilled. In less than 10hours President Buhari congratulated Rotimi Akeredolu on his re-election as Governor of Ondo state for another four years but it is taking more than 72hours for President Buhari to address the fallen Nation.

Nepotism has ruined Nigeria and the nation has been jeopardized due to bad leadership, corruption. We need the right person to rule Nigeria including those in senate, we need people that will listen to us, people we can trust. Nigerian presidency is not for everybody but the way it has been arranged is messed up and our generations will suffer if we don't act now. 

Let the youth grow, we just want to stay alive.We just need a better Nigeria, THE GIANT OF AFRICA SHOULD BE BETTER THAN THIS.

Remember we are doing this for ourselves, future generations but do not forget #KoladeJohnson #JimohIsiaq #TinaEzekwe #OyeEkiti #OluwaseyiKehinde #Joseph Okonofuaand #Sleek #Rinji #IfeomaAbugu and others killed, they may be gone but not forgotten. 

This is for us and the next generations to come, we deserve good governance. Let us fight for our rights, freedom and good leadership.


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