Tell the UN you don't want Wonder Woman as Ambassador for Women's Empowerment

Tell the UN you don't want Wonder Woman as Ambassador for Women's Empowerment

22 October 2016
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Started by Felicity Barber

Here are my top three reasons why Wonder Woman is the wrong choice for UN Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls: 

1. We don't need another sex object as a role model
The UN has justified their decision to choose Wonder Woman because she fights for peace and justice. Which is really great. But she does so in a skimpy outfit, wearing a tiara, forever trapped in the body of a 25-year-old. Everywhere I go (both online and offline) women are celebrated for youth, beauty and large breasts. The UN had a chance to challenge the messages women receive every day, that we are sex objects whose value increases with cup size, and instead they chose to reinforce it.

2. A real woman might get something done
I've been really impressed with the work that Angelina Jolie has done as her work as Special Envoy for the UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency). She's used her celebrity to raise awareness, fund schools for refugees, and lobby the UN Security Council to do more to address the crisis in Syria. Wonder Woman can't turn up to a meeting, let alone start a school.

3. It's an insult to the women who ran for UN Secretary General
The ninth Secretary General was announced last week. Antonio Guterres from Portugal will succeed Ban Ki-Moon on 1 January 2017 despite a hard fought campaign for a woman to take the office for the first time. When a woman fails to get a top job people sometimes defend the decision by saying there weren't any qualified female candidates. On this occasion there were plenty. I think it's an insult to these highly-qualified women when a week later they award a senior position that can only be held by a woman to a cartoon character.

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This petition had 697 supporters

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