We ask the Government of Pakistan to #AcceptAutism.

We ask the Government of Pakistan to #AcceptAutism.

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The epidemic of Autism is on the rise around the globe affecting more than 3,00,000 children in Pakistan. Autism is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder that typically manifests before the age of 3 and its cause is still a mystery to be solved.

The month of April is celebrated around the globe as the “Autism Awareness Month” to show support for individuals and families impacted by Autism.  As the international communities are thriving toward Autism acceptance, inclusion and empowerment, we as Pakistanis are still battling to get this disorder a recognition on national level.

According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, the population with disabilities in Pakistan is divided into seven categories: Blind, Deaf/Mute, Crippled, Insane, Mentally Retarded, Having Multiple Disability and Others. Unfortunately, Autism is not identified as a separate category and the non-recognition of this global epidemic leads to lack of resources, services and opportunities for the individuals with Autism and their families.

As today the Autism Awareness Month begins on the 1st of April, we ask the Pakistani Community to step forward and raise your voice to get Autism nationally recognized by our government stakeholders so that the dialogue of Autism in our country could move toward acceptance, inclusion and empowerment.

This April pledge to #SpreadAwarenessTillAcceptance

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