To Make technologically advanced countries like Japan stop killing creatures like whales.

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Stop killing whales. Humanity has risen to an epitome as an advanced civilization with new technological advancements everywhere but killing animals & other creatures has become a permanent resident inside our genes. Countries like Japan should stop this absurd, unnecessary, barbaric act of killing whales. Whales help us fight climate change & this is how humans repay the creatures that help to balance this planet. They don't need to kill other creatures to boost their economy. It's just smoke & mirrors they're using to cover up their economical flaws. There is no humane way to kill a whale at sea. Many die a slow, painful death. This slaughter is pointless. Countries like Norway, iceland & JAPAN should stop this cruelty immediately. This inhumane act includes both the demanders( for meat & oil) and the suppliers( not an ordinary fishermen) but poachers who are empathically blind and everyone who are contributing to the decimation of an entire race of these magnificent creatures.