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The children of Southern Cameroons are at risk of extermination.These children who have not been able to go to school for 4 years now continue to face horrific atrocities: they have been shot, burnt, raped, or witnessed  horific killings of their parents.

The world leaders have generally given a deaf ear to the plight of the people of Southern Cameroons or they have acted very slowly. This slow or no response have propelled the government forces to go on rampant killings, raping, and burning women, children, and innocent civilians.

We are calling on the United Nations, the Common Wealth, the world leaders including Donald Trump, Borris Johnson,  Emmanuel Macron, the African union, the European union, UNICEF, Savethechildren, and other countries to act fast to deploy a peacekeeping force to protect the children of Southern Cameroons. The children of British Southern Cameroons risk extermination if we fail to act now.

The images are graffic and viewer discretion is adviced, but these are  families I know well. One family went to bed on Valentine's night, heard that the Cameroon millitary was coming and tried to run to the bushes, unfortunately they met with the military on the way who shot  and killed the entire family, a mother and  all 5 of her children. This woman and her children didnot commit a crime apart from the fact that they were born in Southern Cameroons. This is just one case,  an estimated 4000 people have been killed, 40.000 refugees fled to Nigeria, about 1/2 a million displaced. Be the voice of  the voiceless, these women and children are counting on you to act now. Thank you for standing up for women and children of Southern Cameroons.