Take away Abiy Ahmed’s Nobel Peace Prize and Force Him Out Of Office!!

Take away Abiy Ahmed’s Nobel Peace Prize and Force Him Out Of Office!!

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It is time to remove Abiy Ahmed out of the office in Oromia and have his Nobel Peace Prize ripped away now! He is a dictator and has destroyed the lives of so many oromos. He is a terrorist and does not deserve to be given such a nobel award for being a terrorist and someone who hates his own people!

Dr Abiy Ahmed has killed a man in a political meeting, simply because his phone rang. He hired people to kill an Oromo woman in her hospital bed because she held government secrets. He allowed the statue of Menilik II to be planted in the country/land that he stole. Menilik II sliced women’s breast, men’s hands, and sold their children. Since Abiy Ahmed was declared to be receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, many young oromo children have been secretly burned and murdered. 

It is time to take back the land of Oromia from the hands of Dr Abiy Ahmed. So many of the US citizens who came from Oromo decent have witnessed too many of their own kind’s death! June 28, 2020, he killed a wonderful activist/artist Hachalu Hundessa! It is heartbreaking and we know he has to do with the death of Hachalu Hundessa because he has threatened him before! We wake every morning waiting to hear if it was our cousin or friend that has been taken away too fast because of Abiy Ahmed and his people! I refuse to stay silent and so should you! Everyone share this petition to raise awareness and hope for a new future for the Oromo children! We are disgusted and a person who does not help the actual people of the country does not deserve the wonderful duty of being a Nobel Peace Prize winner! 

RIP to our brothers and sisters. Your blood will forever run through our blood.