Suspend Saudi Arabia From UN Human Rights Council

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 Saudi Arabia must be suspended from the United Nations Human Rights Council Immediately. Saudi Arabia was re-elected to the United Nations Human Rights Council on October 28th 2016. The UNHRC job is to promote/protect human rights and address issues of human rights violations across the globe, among other important tasks. How can Saudi Arabia with its appalling records of human rights violations be on the UNHRC?   

Saudi Arabia uses its membership on the UNHRC to cover up it own human rights abuses by preventing investigations and inquires. Despite being a member of the UNHRC since 2014 its human rights violations have not improved It has executed more citizens, it has crushed all forms of dissent. Some others of Saudi Arabia’s human rights abuses consist of beheading its citizens for peaceful protest, imprisoning peaceful human rights activist, flogging blogger, stoning and flogging children, executing minors, giving the death penalty for nonviolent offenses, oppressing/ discrimination against religious minorities, oppressive laws against women (male guardianship laws), torture, arbitrary detention, extracting “confessions” while torturing its own citizens, sentencing a protestors to be beheaded and then publicly crucifying his body. The list goes on.

If its horrendous human rights abuses at home isn’t enough to suspend Saud Arabia from the UNHRC Saudi Arabia is accused of targeting and killing innocent civilians in the ongoing 19-month long conflict in Yemen. The bombing of funeral homes, markets, schools and hospitals are no short of war crimes and Saudi Arabia continuously blocks any international investigations into this.

How can it be that a country with a human rights record like this be on United Nations Human Rights Council whose job is the protection of human rights? How can a country who violates human rights itself oversee holding violators of human rights accountable? How can a country that does not respect international law or its international human rights obligations sit on the UNHRC?

Per Article 8 of the UNHRC founding resolution, the general assembly can by a 2/3rd of votes suspend a member state for systematic and gross violations of human rights. All countries that truly stand for human rights need to suspend Saudi Arabia from the UNHRC immediately because having one the worlds worst human rights abusers as its member, the UNHRC loses all creditability.


Stoning and executing children:

Minors executed January 2016:

Discrimination against religious minorities:

 Using the death penalty & executing citizens for nonviolent offenses such as peacefully protesting:

 Prosecution of Human Rights Groups:

Using its place of the UNHRC to cover up its own human rights abuses:

Women’s Rights: