STOP the killing of Rohingya Muslims

STOP the killing of Rohingya Muslims

3 September 2017
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Started by Nazir Uddin

Rohingya Muslims are being killed by Burmese military. As per news reports Army is firing indiscriminately. This persecution has been going on for decades in different forms which started by declaring them illegal and rendering them stateless.

Thousands of Rohingya have been displaced due to this oppression. According to the most recently available data from the United Nations in May, more than 168,000 Rohingya have fled Myanmar since 2012. Families and children are suffering in deplorable conditions and its a human crisis.

According to the UN, hundreds of civilians who have tried to enter Bangladesh have been pushed back by patrols. Many have also been detained and forcibly returned to Myanmar.

They are humans like us and need our support to recognise their difficulty.

I am requesting

- UN to immediately intervene and send UN monitors and peacekeeping forces to stop the violence against Rohingya.

- Provide food, shelter & medical assistance to all affected by violence.

- Provide state identification as citizens of Myanmar.

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This petition had 5,572 supporters

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