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CONCERNED GHANAIANS started this petition to United Nations and

*Stop Ghana’s Electoral Commission From Creating A Dubious Voter Register!!! *

Signs are confirming the US 2018 Human Rights Reports on Ghana that suggest, among others, that;

_“...the June ouster of the electoral commission chairperson and the president’s subsequent stacking of the Electoral Commission with persons considered to be biased in favor of the ruling party raised questions about whether the body might be used to stifle voter registration among the opposition base...”_

seems to be gaining credence among watchers of Ghana’s current preparations towards the December 7, 2020 elections.

A few matters of concern about the ongoing process would suffice:

1. The Electoral Commission of Ghana (EC) is proceeding on a national elections exercise that is not transparent, deceptive, lacks national confidence, unnecessary expensive, and does not carry stakeholders along in a consultative manner as the conventional practice has been over the years.

2. The EC has not been honest with the people on various components of the election process, about reasons and need for an entirely new electoral role when it had recently affirmed credibility of the current/existing election register.

3. The EC has publicly confirmed use of the existing voter card of citizens as part of required primary documents for migrating voters onto a new election management system, while denying use of an ongoing new National Identification Card exercise.

4. Suddenly, the EC has reneged on that assurance by going contrary to introduce an amendment to the existing Constitutional Instrument (CI 91) with a CI 126 that rejects the current voter card, but introduces the yet to be completed Ghana Identification card as a required primary document for the new voter registration it is about to rollout.

5. We are afraid if the new CI 126 passes, it would disenfranchise many citizens of their democratic voting rights. Authoritative records available at the National Identification Authority (a agency under the Presidency) show that, many do not have the cards, while the exercise has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and other epidemic on hand.

6. Passport, as the other required primary document is limited in possession to only an elite class of citizens. Many rural folks and others in the lower class of society are without it. Birth certificates and Driver license are also not acceptable as primary documents.

7. The six months period leading to the Dec 7, 2020 polls is insufficient duration for any serious and effective preparations.

8. In its intransigence, the EC is refusing to listen to voices of reason to engage stakeholders in consultation to build trust and transparency, by holding claim to its status as a constitutional “independent” institution.

9. Security of the Republic is at risk; and if the EC is allowed to proceed in its chosen path, imminent danger amidst civil unrests would likely attend to the electioneering exercise.

10. While there is limited time ahead of us, we believe a timetable (election schedule) can be created with the current credible voter register before we are run into election disputes and disaster. Free and fair elections must remain the objective of our democracy.

11. We appeal to our multinational relations, nations, world agencies, groups with interest in Ghana, to intercede in our young democratic practice for peace to prevail.

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Concerned Ghanaians in the Diaspora.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!