Stop Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide in Ethiopia

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Date: October 28, 2019

United Nations Headquarters,
New York, NY, 10017, United States.

To: Mr. António Guterres
Secretary-General of the United Nations,

A call to stop ethnic cleansing and genocide in Ethiopia.

    We the people of Ethiopia  would like to draw your and the international community’s attention to the ethnic cleansing and genocide situation unfolding in Ethiopia. The Interahamwe like atrocities against the Amhara, Gamu and Dorze ethnic people are being perpetrated by the Oromo activists like Jawar Mohammed and his associates.
On October 22, 2019 young Oromo's called “KEROs” have hacked to death over 67 innocent civilians.The majority of the victims’ were ethnic Amharas and Ethiopian Orthodox Christians. Many houses and businesses owned by ethnic Amharas were burnt to ashes. Orthodox churches were burnt, priests and clergy were hacked to death with machetes and bodies’ burnt with mob justice. This situation  has been in the making for several years. We Ethiopians in the diaspora have been alerting the international community often with evidence.In 2016 more than 200 Oromos were killed and 1.2 million internally displaced as a result of ethnic conflict in the Somali Region of Ethiopia. In 2018 about 800,000 ethnic Gedeos were internally displaced from the district of Western Guji in Oromia. In 2018 violence in the Somali Region resulted in the death, injury and displacement of thousands of Amharas. In 2019 in the Sidama zone of  Southern Ethiopia, dozens were killed and thousands displaced leaving the region under military rule.

Your Excellency,

We the petitioners kindly request the international community to interfere before a full-fledged genocide that repeats the Rwanda genocide of 1994 happens in the 21st century. Should the international community fail to act, religious and ethnic civil war in Ethiopia will destabilize the most fragile Eastern Africa region of the Africa continent. We warren the United Nations that Al-Shabaab has a strong hold in neighboring Somalia is creating havoc to the region and internationally. Cognizant
that some Middle Eastern countries are inflaming the situation by directly supporting fanatic and radical Islamists like Jawar Mohammed a naturalized American citizen, the current ethnic and  religious war in Ethiopia may escalates to full scale civil war. The new Binladeen like Islamist movement in Ethiopia will destabilize Europe endangering global security. The problem is clearly written on the wall and it is time for the international community to act before things fall apart.

Thank you.