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Stop Ekaterina Zigunova and other members of the LGBT hate group "Occupy Pedophilia"

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Ekaterina Zigunova is the leader of a hate group in Russia known as "Occupy Pedophilia". Zigunova and others like her use a website called to lure gay men who are then kidnapped, beaten, tortured and raped by Ekaterina and other members of Occupy Pedophilia. They then post the videos online to further humiliate their victims.

The Russian government does nothing to stop these attacks and is not interested in pursuing the cases of the victims or arresting the perpetrators. Recently they have even denied that such attacks have happpened, despite the wealth of video evidence online.

At the moment Ekaterina Zigunova continues to post on, asking people to help her with "safaris", that is kidnapping and torturing gay men. Russia's "anti-propaganda" laws forbid people from speaking out for gay rights, yet criminals like Ekaterina and Occupy Pedophilia are permitted to spread their hateful propaganda all across the country and even into other countries like Ukraine.

The Russian government might turn a blind eye to these savage attacks, but we, the world, cannot. Please take a stand and force President Putin and others to take action against these horrific violations of human rights. The first step is stopping Ekaterina Zigunova and others in Occupy Pedophilia from posting their attacks online, next is removing their hateful propaganda from Russian forums and finally arresting and charging them with kidnapping, assault and rape.

Sign the petition and let Occupy Pedophilia know that we do not condone their violent acts of hate.

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