United Nations: serve Climate-Friendly Food at the UN Climate Conference!

United Nations: serve Climate-Friendly Food at the UN Climate Conference!

June 17, 2020
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Started by Lana Weidgenant

As a youth climate activist, I always look forward to the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP) to see how the leading climate negotiations will shape the upcoming year of action. At last year’s conference, I began to imagine how COP could lead by example with their food choices as well.

I am very appreciative of the progress the conference has made within the last few years to serve less meat-based and more climate-friendly foods. Of course, not all animal agriculture is created equal and many indigenous and pastoral cultures have been raising and interacting with animals in more environmentally friendly ways for years. However, for high-consuming cultures in which almost all meat and dairy products are sourced from intensive ‘factory farms’, there is a large disparity in the climate impacts of these animal products. In these production systems, meat and dairy are extremely resource-intensive, so moving to diverse, plant-based dietary patterns helps in the mitigation and adaptation of the climate crisis.

Sign and share today to urge the United Nations to serve climate-friendly catering at their leading climate action conference (COP)!

The UN has a tremendous opportunity to highlight one of the most influential forms of climate action by adopting a plant-based menu for next year’s conference. Scientists estimate that a plant-based diet could reduce agricultural carbon emissions by 50% to 80%. Studies also show that reducing the impacts of our diets is a necessary part of any plan to meet the Paris agreement goal of keeping global warming well below 2°C. At a time when climate negotiations are at such an important stage, you can help bring this solution to the table at the world’s largest climate gathering.

Just in 2020, the Oscars and the Golden Globes - two large award ceremonies for the television and motion picture industries - have already gone plant-based. Even as these events do not focus on climate action, they made the connection between addressing animal agriculture and hosting a sustainable event - to large media praise! USA Today, Variety, Refinery29, NBC, CNN, and Vogue are just a few of the media outlets which commended the decision.

More and more people are making the connection between animal agriculture and climate change and looking to eat in ways that are better for the planet. The United Nations has the opportunity to make a powerful move and act on momentum in the climate movement by making the upcoming United Nations climate conference 100% plant-based.

Tell the United Nations the time is now to align catering with climate action and serve climate-friendly food at the UN Climate Conference!


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