Get India scrap UAPA and unconstituinalize NIA

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For long now,Indian state has been using the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967 (UAPA) to terrorize people raising voice against wrongdoings of the government at the time.National Investigation Agency (NIA), which is directly controlled by Central (synonymous to federal) government, has been key implementer of these unjust actions that grossly violate human rights.

Arrest and subsequent torture of Brighton Jagtar Singh Johal (FreeJaggiNow campaign) in Nov 2017 is a well-known example of this tactic until now with thousands of more, little known cases.UAPA has been used at will by the government while terror-accused likes of Prgya Thakur have been allowed to contest elections and being voted to sit in the Parliament.

Last week, on 16th Jan 2021, NIA breached all limits by serving notices to leaders and supporters of widely popular Farmers Protest against Three Black Farm Laws introduced by right-wing-led Modi government. Even the India team of Khalsa Aid International, a well-known charity organization, has been summoned by NIA.Khalsa Aid International had to issue a statement on this that can be read at

Since all other, regular practices of modi government to break any protest have failed, it is now trying to cut the supply chain of protesters that has arguably turned out to be best of all ever recorded in human history.

Therefore, I would urge to immediately act to get this draconian law (UAPA) cancelled and the state controlled agency, NIA un-constitutionalized.